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Our train station got a big make-over. The old station house was demolished and replaced by a new kiosk. Similarly, a tunnel was made underneath the railroads, replacing the rail crossing, like many modern train stations have. By now, signs showing you the way to the platforms and everything have been placed to and the make-over is finished. I hear two teenagers talking on the stairs.

Boy: “It finally starts to look like a real train station.”

Girl: “Yeah, but a really bad station. There isn’t even an escalator!”

So, apparently a station doesn’t look real if it hasn’t got a tunnel and/or signs… And apparently two healthy young people have lots and lots of trouble with walking one staircase!

Shifting Responsibilities

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(Our director has to do the scheduling himself and he soon discovers this is far too “complicated” for him. He starts using an online programme; everyone can easily put in whether they’re available or not. Soon, the director starts changing schedules at the last moment, sometimes scheduling people in only one night before. I fight this myself by checking the schedules as soon as they are ready and putting every free day on “unavailable.” However, this doesn’t mean he stops making changes, like changing my starting time from 10 am to 9 am the night before. I live quite close by and I can use the money, so I only protest this if his demands are impossible. One morning, I and several colleagues have our starting times changed to 9 am. I overhear the following conversation between the director and a guy who comes in 20 minutes late.)

Director: “You were supposed to be here at 9 am! You can’t just show up later! You always must follow [Online System]!”

Coworker: “I know, but I only saw the change this morning. Last night, I wasn’t home, you see.”

Director: “You should have installed the app on your phone.”

Coworker: “My phone isn’t a smartphone. You’d better give me a call next time.”

Director: “Erm, no, we don’t do phone calls!”

(Some people seem to think they’re always right, even when reality contradicts with their view.)