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I do some last-minute shopping at our general store. The employee at the till scans all items.

Me: I would like to have a bag with it please.

Employee: Would you like a large or a small one? (they have a different price, 15 cents versus 20 cents)

Me: A small one please (I do not have much)

Employee (without even checcking): we are out of small bags.

Me (hesitating): euh, then I don’t think I understand the question?

The employee looks blank. The guy in front of me, who is packing his stuff, starts laughing. “Then why do you ask?” Employee looks sheepish, takes a large bag, and finishes the payment.

Nail Fail

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(While I’m shopping, I overhear the following exchange between a customer and one of the employees manning the till.)

Employee: “Excuse me, sir, what are you doing with that nail clipper? Are you actually clipping your nails?”

Customer: “Yes. I have to test if it works, right?”

Employee: “That is not very hygienic, sir. I’m afraid you’ll need to buy it now. I can’t sell it to other people like this.”

Customer: “But… I just needed to test it out. All right, how much is it?”

Employee: “It’s [amount], sir.”

(The customer paid for the clippers and walked away. As they left the shop, I heard his wife saying to him, “I don’t understand why you wanted another one. You have dozens of those things at home.”)

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