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[We’ve just announced our semiannual clearance event. I’m straightening the items on the clearance rack. A woman is browsing nearby.]

Customer: *pointing* The prices on these items – are those the clearance prices? Or do I have to ask you how much it is?

Me: Oh, no, ma’am. Those pieces aren’t on sale. It’s only the items in this section here.

Customer: Well, I don’t WANT any of those!

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Caller: Do you have any rooms for saturday
Me: Let me check for you sir
(check on the computer)
I”m sorry sir we do not have any rooms available Saturday
Caller: Do you have any rooms Friday
Me: Yes Sir we do have rooms on Friday
Caller: So what if I just stay over in the room and check out on Sunday
Me: you would have to check out on Saturday
Caller: but what if I just stay over Friday and Saturday and check out on Sunday
Me: I’m sorry sir we have no rooms on Saturday you would not be able to stay Saturday night
Caller: oh ok *hangs up*

Okay, But You Have To Bring It Back Again When The Sale Is Over

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(My store is closing. For the first few weeks after this is announced, all merchandise is reduced by 25%. After a period, the remaining product is reduced to 50% off. A customer comes in.)

Customer: “When did everything go 50% off? I was here last week and bought things 25% off.”

Me: “Just the other day, ma’am.”

Customer: “My stuff is still in the car. Can you do a price adjustment?”

Me: “No, ma’am.”

Customer: “What if I return it and then buy it at the new price?”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, we aren’t accepting returns.”

Customer: “You can’t do anything for me?”

Me: “I’m afraid not.”

Customer: “Well, what good are you?” *leaves*

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I’m a 38 year old white guy (this becomes important later) working grave yard shift at a hotel when a couple comes in (white woman, black guy)
Customer: We’d like a room with two double beds
Me certainly that will be (quotes price)
Customer: we can get it for xx.xx online (proceeds to book room on internet after it goes through) how much is that with taxes?
Me: quotes ammount
Customer: we shouldn’t have to pay taxes.  Taxes are illegal.
Me: No they aren’t regardless you have to pay them
Customer: there are people who don’t pay taxes
Me: And they go to prison you still need to pay taxes
Customer: Read the 16th amendment (the US constitutional amendment that allows for taxation I looked it up later so in fact it proves them wrong)
Me: I don’t want to get into a political argument you have to pay the taxes
They pay for the room and leave.  Then decide they want a different room type, then have a problem with the tv in the room.  I try to fix the problem and go back to the desk to get them a new room they come down.
Customer: we want a refund
Me: Certainly one moment
Custoomer: we want a refund or an upgrade
Me: (assuming at this point they are just going to keep complaining) I’ll give you the refund hold on
I refund the money
Female customer: we’ll talk to the other guy the fat one (name)
Me: very well have a good evening
Black customer: you’re a servant
Me: very well have a good evening
Customer:look that up in the black dictionary servant means slave
Me: you are no longer a customer here please leave or I will contact the police
Customer: your a slave
Me: and your a tresspasser
Customer then walks out.  This is the point I get a chance to check the black list (customers not allowed to stay with us any more) and discover they are both on it.

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(The store that I worked at had been closed for around five minutes. The managers hadn’t been able to lock the doors yet. I was folding towels when a man burst in with two teenage girls)

Me: Sir, I’m sorry, but we’re closed.

Man: What? Is the whole mall closed?

Me: Yes, the whole mall closed about five minutes ago.

Man: (to the girl whom I assume was his daughter) Where do you have gift cards to?

Girl: (lists a bunch of places including our store)

Man: Where’s your juniors departement?

Me: Downstairs, but we’re closed now.

Man: Come on, girls, let’s go downstairs and get something real quick. Just pick out a T-shirt or something.

Me: Sir, we’re closed!

(He walked away and took the escalator downstairs.)