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I run a mobile dental hygiene business, where I visit several nursing homes and provide dental hygiene services to patients who are residents of Nursing Homes.

Me:  (calling the client’s husband)  Hello sir, it’s the dental hygienist calling, just wanted to let you know that your wife is due to have her teeth cleaned again.
Husband: Um, ok, but I don’t want that same red headed bitch that was here last time.
Me: Oh, well then, I’m very sorry to tell you that I AM that redheaded bitch.  Have a nice time taking your wife to the dental office.

A Pointed Conversation

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(I am the next customer in line witnessing an exchange between the customer ahead of me and the cashier. This grocery store has a points card program. All you have to do is register the card online, load your weekly offers, and show it when you shop. The man in front of me has handed the cashier his points card, but there is no point balance on the receipt.)

Customer: “What the f*** is this?! I didn’t get any points?!”

Cashier: “Oh, that just means you haven’t registered your card yet. Keep your receipt, go online and register it, and then you can bring your receipt back to collect the points.”

Customer: *now getting visibly angry* “What the h*** are you talking about? I have had this card for a month; of course it is registered!”

Cashier: *scans card* “No, sir, this card does not have an account registered to it yet; you have to go online to do that.”

Customer:You don’t know what you’re talking about! Rescan these. I want my points!

Cashier: “I don’t have to rescan them, sir. You can just take your receipt to customer service over there, and they can put the points on as soon as your card is registered.”

Customer: “You will rescan them and give me my points!

(This is where I step in:)

Me: “Hey. She told you already: go on the f****** Internet and register it, and then come back for your points. There are four other people in line that you are holding up for no reason other than your own ignorance.”

Customer: “Well, that’s all she had to say. Spoutin’ all this s*** about goin’ online.”

Me: “What did you think the Internet is?”

Customer: “F*** this!”

(He slammed down his card and receipt and walked out with his stuff. I took his receipt over to customer service and collected his points.)

Some Coworkers Make Vacations Truly Necessary

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(I’ve just come back from vacation. My coworker always finds covering for me overwhelming, so, of course, he’s grousing about it as soon as I get back.)

Coworker: “You’re always on vacation, man. It’s getting really annoying.”

Me: “Really? I’m always on vacation? Yeah, that’s why HR is always on my case about my unused vacation time.”

Coworker: “Yeah, I know. But it just feels like you’re always on vacation, because you take a week here and a week there. You should take all your vacation time in one big chunk, and just get it over with.”

Me: “Because I’ve been with the company a lot longer than you, I get four weeks of vacation time. When I’m gone for a week, you start pulling your hair out and asking me to come back early by Wednesday. Now, are you seriously telling me you want me gone for an entire month?”

(My coworker takes a moment to think about this.)

Coworker: “Well… all I’m saying is it’d be easier to plan around.”

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A woman comes in with a blouse to exchange and finds some other items to purchase. She comes in with a return – from a different location – on a super busy day when the tills are lined up, so we know she’s a bit self-involved to start with.

I start to process the return portion and she shouts out in a loud and really snotty tone that I am trying to “disadvantage” her in this transaction because I have to do the return and sale separately (company policy BTW). When I ask how I am doing that, she says “I had a discount on that blouse, now you’re going to make me pay full price.” I say “No, you will get the new one at the same price” and she tells me that this would be impossible and ends the paragraph with “so how will you do that?”
“Same way I would if I were doing this in one transaction, by price-matching the blouse”.

This was not enough. As I told her the total of her purchase, she again began berating me loudly for trying to “rip [her] off”. She insisted that the total I gave her was twenty four dollars too high. I had to get out the calculator (because apparently the cash register doesn’t know how to add) and go over every single item and get her agreement on what the price should be before she finally admitted that she had her math wrong. This is the second week in a row that I have been yelled at by a customer for failing to bend the rules of mathematics to suit how much they think they should be paying. (Last week, it was a woman who refused to believe that 16X4=64.) It was lucky that none of the customers in line behind her suffered an injury from all the head-shaking and eye-rolling going on. There’s a reason we have to keep a calculator beside the tills.

This Return Is All Bark And No Bite

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(I’m the manager on duty at a custom toy store chain. One of my newer staff members is talking with a guest and waves me over.)

Guest: “I just bought two of [Stuffed Dog Toy] the other day, but I realized when I got home that the tag on the collar is missing.”

(The guest noticeably does not have the defective toy in question on her.)

Me: “Oh, no. I’m sorry that happened. If you bring the defective one back, I’ll be happy to do an exchange!”

Guest: *shoots me a glare* “I have to bring it back?!”

Me: “Well, yes. I need to have the defective one before we give you a new one.”

(The guest briskly walks out to her waiting husband, I overhear her saying in a huff, “He has to see it.” Thinking that’s the end of that strange interaction, I go about my business. Later the guest returns with just the receipt. Still no toy dog.)

Guest: “I found it; give me my replacements!”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, the receipt isn’t the issue. I need the toy back to do anything for you.”

Guest: “This is ridiculous; I’m from overseas! It’s just a tag!”

Me: “I don’t have the ability to just give you a tag. I would need to exchange the whole toy.”

Guest: “This is ridiculous! It’s bad customer service! If I have to make another trip, then it’s just going to be for my money back!”

Me: “Sorry you feel that way.”

(The guest storms out, screaming about how terrible the service is.)

Employee: “In what country would she have just gotten a new one, just because she said it’s broken?”

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