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(I work at a store that is part of a strip mall. The 8 or so parking spaces directly in front of our store are reserved for our customers, with a large parking lot behind them. A man comes in one night.)

Me: Hi sir! Is there anything I can help you find?

Man: No, I’m not here to buy anything. I was just concerned about the parking spaces that are reserved for your customers. I know the layout of the parking lot isn’t your fault, but I don’t think that it’s fair that you have so many reserved spaces. There’s never any room close to [business next door] to park.

Me: Well, you’re right. The parking lot layout is not at our discretion so you would probably want to contact the building manager instead. But you do have the entire lot to park in, as we only have 8 spaces reserved.

Coworker: Plus nobody actually checks the parking spaces in front of our store. I’m sure you could park there, go to [business next door] and nobody would notice.

Man: It just doesn’t seem fair. You should contact your building manager!

Me: About the parking spaces in front of our store that are reserved for our customers. Right. If you’ll give me a moment, I can pull up the number for the building manager now. You let me know how that call goes.

Their Business Will Soon (Truck) Stop

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(I am a 26-year-old woman. The majority of vehicles I’ve owned have been trucks, and I’m fairly familiar with service requirements and when they are due. I’ve just bought a brand-new truck, and I know it’s overdue for service but not really by much. This exchange happens at the dealership where I purchased it when I bring it in for service.)

Service Manager: “So, I see here that it is overdue.”

Me: “Yes, I’m aware. It’s not that bad, and the mileage over the recommended oil change is essentially pure highway — long clean running.”

Service Manager: “Regardless, we give these kilometer milestones for a reason.”

Me: “I’m aware of that.”

(Keep in mind the dealership-recommended milestone is significantly lower than the manufacturer milestone, which I know.)

Service Manager: “Well, since you said you were driving it up and down the highway, the brake pads are probably caked with dust. We can do a quick blow-off while the oil change is being done. We can also do a flush on some of the fluid systems while it’s up.”

Me: “Is that covered by my service plan?”

Service Manager: *looks me up and down* “If you need to call your boyfriend or husband or whatever to ask him what to do with his truck, it’s okay. I can wait.”

Me: *shocked and irritated* “Thanks for that, but this is actually my vehicle. I’m okay with you doing those extra things, as long as they are covered by my service plan.”

Service Manager: “Sure, we’ll make it work. You know, when you own trucks, it’s really important to take care of these things on time.”

Me: *getting increasingly more frustrated* “This is actually the third truck I’ve owned; I’m well aware of the service schedule. I work out of town, and it is not always convenient for me to bring it in. So, can you please tell me how long it will be before I can come pick it up?”

Service Manager: “Oh, I figure about four hours.”

Me: *knowing there is no way it should take that long, but done arguing* “Fine. I’ll be back then.”

(I come back four and a half hours later.)

Me: “Hi, I’m here to pick up my truck.”

Receptionist: “Did someone call you?”

Me: “No, but they said it would be done in four hours; I’ve actually given you an extra half hour.”

Receptionist: “I can check, but if no one called I can’t guarantee anything.”

(It turns out they are still not done. I wait another forty-five minutes before being able to take the truck and leave. And, after the very rude behavior of the service manager, he has still charged me for the other items. I am able to get a refund later, but what a pain. Fast forward a year, and the same dealership calls me.)

Receptionist: “Hi, this is [Dealership]. Our system indicates that your vehicle is due for a service. When can I schedule you in?”

Me: “Hello. No, I won’t be using your service department for future appointments.”

Receptionist: “Like, ever again?”

Me: “No. Never. Please remove me from your client list.”

Receptionist: *heavy sigh* “Okay.” *mumbles* “There goes another one…” *click*

(Condescending men are why women are often hesitant in these situations. Give us a little credit, silly boys; trucks are for girls!)

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(A coworker comes through my till at the end of his shift with a twelve-pack of pop and a couple bags of chips.)

Coworker: “I don’t need a bag.”

Me: “Because you’re going to use you backpack right?”

Coworker: “No, I’m going to use this.” *pulls out a collapsible shopping bag* “I want to put the cans in separately first.”

Me: *as he’s digging out his wallet to pay I start to put the cans in the bag* “Just the three items?”

Coworker: “I want them all in there.”

Me: “…” *I stop what I’m doing and just stare not sure if he was joking*

Coworker: “I’m tired; leave me alone.”

Me: *laughing* “Total is $12.75.”

Coworker: *hands me a twenty* “Just hold on a second, I want to get rid of some change.” *digs out three quarters* “There, now I have no more 50 cents.”

Me: *blinks and with a straight face* “Go home.”

In This Hotel, I Am The Law

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(I’ve worked in hotels for over two decades now and this is my favorite response to give out, to those guests who for whatever reason get to the point when they blurt out a line to the effect of:)

Irate Guest: “…this is unacceptable! I have a high-price lawyer, you know! And I will sue you, your boss, and your hotel!”

Me: *killing them with kindness* “Please do, sir! [Hotel Chain] has three entire floors of a high rise building in Washington, filled with lawyers who have very little to do but wait for a case to fall on their desk. I’m sure yours will start a real feeding frenzy amongst those piranhas!”

The Apple Falls Very Far From The Tree

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(When I was in elementary school, everyone was given a sapling for some environmental initiative. I planted my sapling in an unkempt part of my parents’ backyard. I moved out of their place several years ago, am living in a new city, and recently bought a home. The following conversation happens on the phone with my mother:)

Mom: “So, when are you coming to pick up all the stuff you left at our house?”

Me: “What stuff? I took care of the last few boxes two Christmases ago. You even helped me. What else is left?”

Mom: “Well… Aren’t you going to take your tree?”

Me: “Tree?”

Mom: “The sapling in the backyard. There’s no room for it there!”

Me: “You mean the one that I planted in third grade? I didn’t think to take it, seeing as it’s a tree.”

Mom: “It’s too crowded in the back. You need to get it out of there!”

Me: “Mom, I’m not going to dig up a tree and drive it six hours to [City]. We’ll let nature take care of the crowding.”

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