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I work at a store that asks us to help customers pro-actively, such as when they look lost, unsure, etc.  I saw a customer standing at the front of one of our aisles looking dazedly up at the signs for the aisles that tell you what is in them, so I approach the customer.

Me: Can I help you find anything todayÉ

Customer: Yes.

Customer then turned her back on me and walked away.

Customers Abhor A Vacuum

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(At my place of work we sell various appliances, including vacuums, but no parts.)

Customer: “Hey. Where are your vacuum filters?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t carry any parts or filters for our vacuums.”

Customer: *storming straight to the vacuums* “Never mind. I’ll just find them myself.”

(Suffice to say, I had to take a moment to realise what just transpired. I didn’t follow him, but I wonder how long he spent looking for those filters.)

Your Tax System Is Trash

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Caller: “I need copies of my statements! I need them right away. How do I access them?”

Me: “Are you set up to receive your statements electronically, sir?”

Caller: “Yes, I am. Since November of 2015, I think it was.”

Me: “Then you’re already receiving your statements by email as a PDF attachment.”

Caller: “I get my statements, I look at them, and then I move them to the trash folder. Then, my trash folder empties. I need the statements for my taxes!”

Me: “…”

Not Even Given Any Credit For Trying

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(I am checking in with my union. After confirming my identity, the clerk tells me my membership has been temporarily frozen due to debt. Note that during the whole interaction her demeanor is serious and calm, no smirk or frown to show she thinks anything is weird.)

Clerk: “Uh-oh! You’re in arrears on your dues!”

Me: “Aw. How did that happen? I remember paying three months’ worth just a month ago.”

Clerk: “Ah, that explains why you have a credit of [$$] on your file. Would you like me to take what you owe out of the credit?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

(How can a single account have both too much and too little money on it at the same time?)

Climbing Over Your Misogyny

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(My mom told me this story about her experience while trying to buy my Christmas present. She goes to a popular chain sporting goods store ready to buy an expensive pair of rock climbing shoes based on an employee’s recommendation, not knowing much about them herself. She can’t see any employees on the floor, so she walks back to the front desk of the store and asks them to send someone to help her in the rock climbing section. The employee at the front tells her to go back to that section and someone will be there shortly. My mom goes back and, while she is waiting, a man around her age comes to the same area and starts looking at displays. A few minutes later, a male employee comes out of the back room, makes eye contact with my mom, and then immediately turns to the male customer and asks if he needs any assistance. Fuming, my mom returns to the front desk.)

Mom: “Did you call someone to come help me with rock climbing shoes?”

Employee: “Yes, I did.”

Mom: “And did you tell him I was a woman?”

Employee: “Yes, I did.”

Mom: “Well, he looked straight at me and turned to help a man, instead.”

Employee: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll call him again.”

(My mom returns to the rock climbing section and sees the male employee on the store phone. He finishes his conversation — presumably with the front desk — hangs up, and, without acknowledging my mom standing just a few feet away, continues talking to the male customer. My mom waits several minutes for them to finish without any acknowledgement from the employee. Eventually, she gives up and returns to the front desk for the last time.)

Mom: “Just so you know, I’m going to [Competitor]. The reason is that your employee is still helping a man who came in after me and he didn’t even acknowledge me.”

(The front desk employee was silent, so my mom just left. Hopefully, that employee was reprimanded or at least spoken to about his prejudice losing them a customer. It’s unlikely, but a girl can dream!)

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