Anatomy Of A Shirt

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I am a young, rather busty female working in a coffee shop. An older guy comes in and I take his order.

Guy: “I’m looking at the artwork on your shirt. I’m not looking at your anatomy.”

Me: “Uh…”

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Too Busy Attending A Hideous Skirt Convention To Learn The Names

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I’m a new employee in a popular local coffee shop. There are a lot of regulars who, despite the fact that I am new, expect me to know their name and usual drink order. I’m explaining this to my mom.

Me: “Why do people expect me to know their names when I’ve never seen them before in my life? We aren’t given a binder with all the regulars’ pictures and drinks! This isn’t The Devil Wears Prada!”

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Unfiltered Story #199907

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So I work in a bakery at a well known super market. There’s this middle aged man who comes in with his mother and constantly nags on us for marked down items. On this particular day he wants several packages of chocolate pastries reduced. I tell him I cannot do that. He gives me some problems so I call a manager over the phone to see if maybe they can help him. The man then blatantly opens a package of another pastry takes one out and eats it as he walks away… I stood speachless

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(A man about 50 came up to the counter and gave his order. While I am making this order, I over hear a conversation between him and my coworker. I am a 14 year old girl)
Man: It’s my birthday today, you know!
Coworker: How old you?
Man: 55! You can’t tell because I am from such good stock!
(akward laughter from coworkers)
Coworker: Our youngest worker her (me). She is 14.
Man: Oh, I shouldn’t be checking her out if she is only 14! Haha!
(everyone, including me stare in uncomfortable silence)

Sick Burn, Dad!

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When I was a toddler, my family and I were on a camping trip. We decided to take our large, black dog, Camela, on a walk through the facility.

I had the leash because she was very gentle despite her size, and we passed another family on the road: a father and mother and their son. The mother led her family off the road and told my mother, “I can’t believe you let that thing near your son,” gesturing to Camela.

My dad looked her husband in the eye and said, “I can’t believe you let that thing near your son.”

The woman was outraged as her husband shamefully led his family down the road without a word.

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