PlayStation Has Turned You Into A Waystation

, , , , | Right | December 17, 2020

Upon the release of the new PlayStation 5, our store gets thirty-five units which are sold out in-store and online in a couple of hours.

Customer #1: “I’ve driven for almost five hours because your website said I can pick it up in-store! This is false advertising! I am gonna sue you guys!”

Customer #2: “No PS 5?”

She leaves her buggy, overflowing with merchandise, in the middle of the aisle and walks out.

Customer #3: “My child is sick. It’s on your conscience if he doesn’t get well!”

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Dine? Nine? Nein!

, , , | Right | December 13, 2020

We close at 9:00 pm. A woman and her grandson walk in at 8:50 and order for here. I still have to serve her since it is before closing. Nine pm rolls around and we lock the doors — people can still leave; others just can’t come in — and I pull the register. I come back up front and there’s a man standing there looking at the menu.

Me: “Did you need a to-go box?”

Customer: “No, I’m ready to order.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but the dining room closed at nine.”

Customer: “Well, my son and I need to eat.”

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, but since the dining room closed at nine, I was following protocol and pulled the register. I can’t take your order.”

Customer: “You’re kidding me! You can’t ring me up on the drive-thru?”

Me: “I’m not technically supposed to since the dining room closed at nine.”

I then ask him how he got in here since the doors were locked.

Customer: “My son let me in the locked doors.”

Me: “Sir, I cannot serve you since you came in after we were already closed.”

Customer: “I want to speak to your manager!”

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Brace Yourself!

, , , , | Healthy | November 22, 2020

When I am a teen with braces, I have some problems with the brackets popping off fairly often — sometimes even when I’m not eating or doing anything with my teeth at the time. After yet another time of one of my brackets popping off for no reason, I am once again at the dentist getting it fixed.

The hygienist scolds me pretty strongly, even though I told her it popped off when I wasn’t eating anything.

Hygienist: “You need to be more careful! You’ll have to wear braces for even longer if you keep this up. You need to be much more careful about what you eat.”

Then, the dentist checks my teeth and tells me they are ahead of schedule and I might be able to have my braces off early.

When we are about to leave the dentist’s office, my mom has to use the restroom, so I wait for her by the front door. I haven’t even made it out of the dentist’s office, and I haven’t put anything in my mouth, and a bracket pops off.

As soon as my mom gets out of the restroom, we turn right around and walk back to the dentist’s reception desk… only to find that the dentist has just left for lunch. We have to make an appointment for later in the day.

But at least they stopped blaming me for the problem, and they started being more careful to attach the brackets thoroughly.

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These Germs Are Jumping All Over The Place

, , , , , , | Right | November 4, 2020

I work at a trampoline park. I am working at the front desk with one of my coworkers when I get a call from what I think will be a future customer.

Caller: “Hello. My son bought me a coupon to jump at your park, but it expires soon and I happen to have whooping cough and I need to go to the doctor. Will you be able to take my coupon even if it’s expired?”

Me: “I’m afraid not, ma’am. The system won’t allow me to override anything.”

Caller: “Well, if you won’t take my expired coupon, then I guess I’ll just have to come in while I’m still sick and infect your arena. You have kids jumping there, right? Do you want them to be exposed to whooping cough?”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but there’s only so much I can do.”

I tell my coworker that we’re basically being threatened with biological warfare over an expired coupon. She says we should call the police, but at that moment, our manager comes by and says to accept the expired coupon. I tell this to the woman.

Caller: “Okay, great! I have kids, too, ya know, and I wouldn’t want them to be exposed to anything like this.”

I still don’t know if she came to jump or not.

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Toying With Charity

, , , | Right | October 19, 2020

A customer walks in drinking from a can of soda.

Me: “Hi! Welcome to [Toy Store]. May I help you with anything?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

She takes a sip from the can.

Customer: “I was in here a couple of days ago, and your manager said you guys would donate some items to our Christmas toy drive.”

This is not an unusual request, and the store’s owner donates to several charities throughout the year.

Me: “That’s great! I hope you get lots of donations for the kids. I just need to get your charity ID number for our tax records.”

Customer: “I already gave all that to the manager. I’m just here to pick up the toys you promised.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Let me check the book, then. If you gave your information to the manager, the paperwork will tell me what items we’ve donated.”

Customer: “I don’t have time for that; just give me the stuff.”

Me: “I’m very sorry, ma’am. I have to fill out the proper paperwork or we won’t be able to account for the donated items in the inventory.”

Customer: “I don’t care! That’s your problem, not mine. Just give me the d*** toys so I can go.”

The manager has heard the customer screaming and come up front to see what’s going on. It’s obvious from her expression that she recognizes the customer.

Manager: “Is there a problem here?”

Customer: “Yeah! This stupid little b**** won’t give me the d*** toys you guys promised!”

Manager: “Ma’am, I told you before that if we don’t have your charity ID number, we can’t authorize any donations.”

The customer turns and throws her soda can at one of the display shelves and storms out.

Manager: “I’ll get some stuff and we can clean up this soda. If she comes back, call security.”

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