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H2-D’oh! Part 9

, , , , , | Right | April 20, 2022

I work in airport security (TSA to Americans).

Me: “You can’t take in that, ma’am, it’s liquid.”

Passenger: “It’s not liquid, it’s water!”

You won’t believe how many times people say that!

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So Much For Gratitude

, , , , , | Working | April 6, 2022

I just got hired to work as a custodian at a busy airport, and my trainer is leading me around, showing me where things are, etc. She takes me over to the bathrooms and says that I must clean the men’s bathrooms, which is something I’m scared of since I’m a woman, but I need this job so I don’t say anything. She senses my apprehensiveness and assures me that all I need to do is use my cart to block off the entryway and clean it quickly, which she demonstrates.

Soon, a whole line of men forms to use the bathroom, which they can’t since she’s cleaning it. A grumpy-looking male airport employee comes over and mansplains to her that she needs to hurry up because the customers are waiting to use the bathroom. He then says that she should let them use the bathroom and she should clean “around” them. WTF?

Trainer: *Coldly* “Okay. Whatever.”

Grumpy-Looking Man: “They must use the bathroom! It is unfair! They will be angry!”

Male Customer: *To him* “Hey, chill out. We don’t mind.”

The employee barely spares him a glance.

Grumpy-Looking Man: “It’s unfair and they will be mad!”

Trainer: *Icily* “I. Heard. You.”

They went back and forth, with her sending body language to back off, which he ignored. He got more aggressive, raised his voice to a near yell, and kept repeating to let the men use the bathroom or they’d be angry. Meanwhile, the men and I were staring, just shocked.

Finally, the employee pulled down his mask, spat at her, and then walked off. The men and I stared at each other, unsure of what to do or say. My trainer turned and finishes her cleaning, and then she let the men in. The men apologized on the rude employee’s behalf and she thanked them for their patience. She went straight down to Human Resources and told them what the employee had done.

Since then, he doesn’t make a peep whenever we’re around.

Not Much Assurance About The Insurance, Part 18

, , , , , , | Right | March 29, 2022

I work in auto insurance in the overnight customer service department. It is around 3:30 am my time; the customer is in the same timezone as me.

Me: “Hello! Thank you for calling [Insurance Company]; this is [My Name]. Am I speaking to [Customer]?”

Customer: “Yeah. They won’t let me on the plane. Can you tell them I’m me?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. What were you needing?”

Customer: “I forgot my passport and ID. They won’t let me on the plane without it. You insure me to travel. I want to travel. Tell them I am who I say I am so I can fly.”

Airport Employee: “Sir, we need an ID.”

Customer:They have my information! They can confirm I am who I say I am!”

Me: “Sir, the airport employee has stated they need your ID. Me telling them you pass our authorization for your account will not make them let you on the plane.”

Customer: “I pay you to make sure I can travel. I need to travel. This is part of your job!”

Me: “Sir, we insure your car. We cannot force the airport to let you on a plane without an ID.”

Customer: “What am I paying insurance for? I need to travel; you ensure I can travel.”

Me: “We insure your vehicle. We do not ensure that you can use other travel methods.”

Customer: “F*** you! You just don’t want to help me! I want to speak to your supervisor!”

Unsurprisingly, the supervisor told him the same thing I did. The guy threatened to cancel his policy with us since we were not helping him.

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What Crawled Into His Luggage And Died?

, , , , | Working | March 28, 2022

My husband and I go on a vacation to Mexico. When we land, I’m surprised to see a tiny dilapidated set of stairs to get off the plane and lead us to customs. Our baggage goes through the scanner system, which I find odd because we had to scan it to get on the plane.

The person loading bags into the scanner is not watching the other end, and people’s bags are rolling off the end as one of the other passengers is having all of their bags searched and we are backed up. Some of the others try to tell the scanner official to stop, but he doesn’t. Instead, we have to pick up our bags off the floor. I’m irritated, and I guess it shows because [Official #1] comes up to us.

Official #1: “You are selected for search. Do you have any food, lithium batteries, or electronic cigarettes?”

Husband: “I have an e-cigarette, yes.”

Official #1: “Take your bag and go see that gentleman.”

She points to another official.

Official #2: “What do you have?”

Husband: “An e-cigarette.”

Official #2: *Rolls his eyes* Where? Which bag?”

Husband: “Oh, in the small pocket there.”

He goes to point it out but the official swats his hand away.

Official #2: “I will conduct my search. Do not touch.”

[Official #2] proceeds to dump out all four of our bags on the table and drop our luggage on the floor, sifting through all of our clothing before coming to my medicine bag.

Official #2: “What is this? Needles?”

Me: “I’m diabetic. I have a note from my doctor in—”

Official #2: “You need needles?”

I’m getting impatient but trying to stay polite.

Me: “Yes. It’s insulin.”

Official #2: “Hmm.”

He takes the medication and puts it on a table behind him.

Official #2: “Where is this cigarette?”

Husband: “Where I pointed in the beginning. In the bag on the floor.”

Official #2: “Sir, you do not get rude with me. I am doing my job.”

We say nothing. He picks up our bag and finally opens the small pocket with the e-cigarette. Without even picking it up, he closes the pocket.

Official #2: “You may go. Pack up, hurry!”

Me: “I need my insulin back.”

Official #2: “No. No drugs in Mexico.”

I almost laugh.

Me: “I’m not moving without it.”

[Official #2] calls out in Spanish.

Official #3: “Miss, you have an issue? You must go—”

Me: “He asked where my husband’s e-cigarette was but didn’t even look where we told him until the very end. He made a mess of all of our clothing. He took my insulin and put it over there.”

Official #3: “Insulin?”

Me: “I have a doctor’s note.”

I show him my note. [Official #3] speaks to [Official #2] in Spanish. [Official #2] picks up my medicine and slaps it on the table in front of me.

Official #2: “Now go.”

Me: “Thank you.”

We quickly stuffed all of our clothing in our luggage and left. The rest of the visit was great, but that one interaction made me wonder if I want to come back at all.

Chicken Sandwiches From Heaven

, , , , | Right | March 23, 2022

Around 2006, I was travelling around Ireland on a budget. I was not earning much then and got really good at budgeting. I joined a local tour so the whole tour was already taken care of; I just had to bring extra for some meals, transport, and souvenirs.

At the end of the one-week tour, I was back in Dublin and going to the airport for my flight back to London. I realized that I had forgotten to set aside the €5 for the bus from Dublin to the airport. I emptied all that I had, and after setting aside that amount, I was left with about €1.37.

I had a night flight, so I did have to get dinner. I tried walking around Dublin, going into convenience shops, small shops, etc., trying to even find a sandwich to just fill the stomach. I couldn’t find any, as even the cheapest one was a few cents too much.

I decided to take the bus to the airport first as maybe, without tax, things might be cheaper there. After checking in and checking on the gate, I had a lot of time and I decided to try the airport’s [Fast Food Chain]. I wanted just a chicken burger or small thing, just to fill the stomach. I soon realized I was still a little short. I was trying to look at the menu and prices in front of the counter and trying to count my money when the teen working at the counter asked:

Employee: “What is it that you wanted?”

Me: “I don’t have enough so I’m not getting anything.”

Employee: *Emphasizing* “What would you like to get?”

Me: “Just a chicken burger.”

Employee: “How much do you have?”

Me: “€1.37.”

Employee: “No problem.”

With that, he walked away. He came back with a tray holding a chicken meal!

Me: “I can’t afford that. Just the burger will be enough.”

Employee: “It’s okay, just give me what you have.”

I gave him all that I had and thanked him profusely. He just waved me away with a smile and told me to enjoy my meal. I was so grateful that I ate with tears in my eyes. I was not destitute or homeless — in fact, I was travelling for leisure — but I had to accept the graciousness from a teenager. I felt so guilty. After I was done with the meal, I specially went to the counter to thank him again. He behaved as though it was nothing.

I’m so grateful after this incident that I’ve tried to show kindness and graciousness to whoever may seem like they need it. I never forgot about that incident even though it has been so many years. Thank you, angel boy!