The Adventures Of Doctor Amazing At 30,000 Feet!

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My 18-month-old son and I were on a return flight home after visiting my mom. Getting to the airport, and on the flight, was stressful enough after having just spent two weeks with my nag of a mother. When the flight launched my son began fussing and wouldn’t accept a bottle or pacifier to help with the pressure in his ears.

Just as I was thanking whatever powers that be that the flight was relatively unpopulated, an older gentlemen with a distinct Hebrew accent scooped up my son and plopped down in the seat across the aisle from me. The mommy alarm bells were going off, but I was so stressed that I didn’t know what to do.

Through the flight, the older gentlemen talked to and soothed my son while maintaining the bulk of conversation between us. He fed my son figs and was just, in general, the nicest person I’ve dealt with probably ever. By the time my flight landed, my son was asleep and I was as cool as a cucumber.

My son is now 11, and I just started a job at a medical clinic that employs resident doctors. They require preceptor doctors to oversee their appointments. As it turns out, my friend from the flight is a respected doctor in the community and an excellent teacher to the fledgling doctors I’m working with. He is the same way with everybody as he was with my son and me: a super awesome and patient gentleman that loves to share knowledge and cares about people.

Between that encounter on the flight and my time working with him, it has been an honor to know someone as distinctly amazing as this particular doctor.

Attitude At Altitude

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(A woman is frantically moving up and down the aisle of the plane. We still have two hours to go.)

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am. Can you please sit down? We are experiencing turbulence.”

Passenger: “I don’t care about your f****** turbulence. I need to get out of this plane!”

Me: “Do you mind me asking why?”

Passenger: “We’re right over New York! We’re going to get bombed by Isis!”

Me: “What?!”

Passenger: “Stop the plane!”

(After the flight she was detained and interrogated regarding a bomb threat.)

Not The Milk Of Human Kindness

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I am cabin crew (steward) for a UK based airline, and overall, things don’t really bother me that much. I do believe that people can’t be the personalities they display during the flights, as often common sense is not applied.

Naturally you get the same reply ‘what do you have’ when you’re asking them what they’d like to drink. I don’t mention the whole contents of the bar anymore, knowing that another 50 passengers are going to ask me the same question, always ending up asking for a soda or a glass of water in the end, so now I just reply what they usually have around this time of day.

One occasion still stands clear though, and I’m still as baffled as the day it happened. I was working in first class and a female passenger, around my own age, asked me for a coffee with cream. Nothing unusual, except for the fact that we don’t carry cream and only have plain milk, and so I replied that unfortunately, it had to be milk. Her reply to me was, “why don’t you go into the toilet and make me some cream.”

I was gobsmacked, didn’t know what to reply, felt like saying that with her face on my retina it was not going to be possible, but reconsidered and just walked off.

Obviously she thought that she was being funny but it was the most outrageous and disgusting comment I have ever witnessed. Clearly money can’t buy manners.

When Attendants Are Very Attendant

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(My husband and I are flying home from our vacation. I’m a nervous flyer, and turbulence elevates my anxiety, big-time. Sure enough, our plane hits some turbulence. I close my eyes and start counting to 1000 in my head; for some reason, that seems to help. My husband holds my right hand to comfort me. A minute or so later, someone else grasps my left hand.)

Me: “Eh?” *opens eyes*

Flight Attendant: “Are you okay?” *lets go of my hand*

Me: “I’m a little nervous.”

Flight Attendant: “Look at me. If I’m not scared, you don’t have to be. Read your book; you’ll be fine.”

(And I was. I wrote a letter to the airline later, giving them her name and the flight number, telling them how awesome she is. I hope she got a raise.)

We’ll Take Off Like A Wrecking Ball…

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(I’m a passenger on an airplane that’s about to take off. The flight attendant is explaining the safety procedures, and decides to make sure everyone is listening.)

Flight Attendant: “Wear your seatbelt low and tight across your hips, just like Miley Cyrus’s mini-skirt!”

(The elderly woman seated next to me cracked up laughing!)

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