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(I was an operator for a certain water ride. When I was guiding people into the line, I overheard this from the previous ride’s occupants, waiting to dismount the ride)
Child #1 (who is an 11 or 10 year-old): Wow, that was fun.
Child #2: Yeah.
(Just then, a raft full of 20 year-olds floats from the other part of the ride)
Child 2: Let’s hope we don’t run into any child molesters while we’re walking around the rest of the park.
(Just then, one of the other raft’s occupant’s turned to the childrens’ and started screaming).
20 year-old Woman: What the f***! You little motherf***ers can’t f***ing go around and start calling people f***ing child molesters and s***! I’m sorry but you b***es are such f***ing c***s.
All Three Children:..
The Woman’s friends:..
Everyone else:..
(Then, the third child looked at the woman and said this):
Child #3: Excuse me miss, but there is no swearing allowed in the park, and this was expressed through many signs throughout the park. The signs also said that offenders will be asked to leave [Name of Park]. Also, mind your own d*** business.
Woman: What the f*** you can’t tell me what to do, b***, you don’t f***ing work here!
(At this point, I stepped forward and said):
Me: But I do, and I must ask you to get off of the ride and leave this park.
Woman: You can’t make me, f***ing b******!
Me: Then security will help you.
(She was escorted off the property by two security guards. I gave the third kid and her friends free passes)