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(Although you only have to be 18 to enter, we have to check everyone’s ID EVERY TIME no matter what. There is a sign on the door and on the counter right when you walk in. Here are some of the responses we get when we ask for people’s IDs.)

Customer: Don’t I look old enough?

Customer: My white hair isn’t ID enough?

Customer with grey hair: I just turned 17 yesterday.

Customer: Don’t you remember me from last time?

Customer: How old do I LOOK?

Customer: Can’t you just let it slide this one time?

Customer: I forgot/don’t have my ID. Can I just tell you my birthday?

Customer: He/she is my husband/wife. They can vouch for me.

Customer: I showed you my ID last time.

Customer: I don’t have my ID. Can I just stand right here? (gestures to right inside the door)

Customer: Can I show you my Facebook? (This was my personal favorite. Because you definitely can’t put whatever you want on THAT.)

Customer: Seriously? I have to show my ID to get in here?

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(I work at an adult store next to a topless club and I answer the phone for our side and theirs. The dancers don’t travel anywhere else, they only dance in the club.)

Male Caller: Hey, my buddy is having a bachelorette (I think he means bachelor) party. Do you of any girls that would be interested in entertaining at it?
Me: We don’t do that.
Caller: I didn’t necessarily mean the club.
Me: We. Don’t. Do. That.

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(I work at an adult store that’s in the same building as a topless club. I answer the phone for our side and theirs. I get a prank call as I’m trying to close my side, but next door is still open. It starts with the caller asking a few normal questions about the club, which I answer, although I can tell it’s a prank call because she’s trying to make her voice sound younger. Note: I say my name when I answer the phone and the caller makes a note to say it back while she’s talking to me.)

Caller: So are you a dancer?
Me: No. I just answer the phones.
(She says something about me dancing for her.)
Me: Alright, if you don’t have anymore real questions, I’m hanging up now.
(She says something else that isn’t a real question.)
(She calls back a few second later.)
Caller: I’d like to make a complaint. I came there a few days ago and one of your dancers threw up on me.
Me: *sigh* Hang on a second.
(I call over on the walkie talkie for the GM because I’m trying to do my paperwork so I can go home and I really don’t feel like dealing with it. A few seconds later she calls back.)
Caller: I’d like to make a complaint.
GM over walkie talkie: If that’s them again, take care of it. (He says a few other things as I turn the walkie talkie down so I can hear the phone, but I can tell he’s not in a good mood)
Me: Look, I’m trying to close down and I really don’t have time for this. (I hang up but realize the GM picked up right before I did.)
GM over the walkie talkie a few seconds later: If those f*****s call back take care of them. I don’t care what you have to say just get rid of them. They tried to complain about you.
(She calls back AGAIN.)
Caller: Yes, I’d like to make a complaint about [My Name].
Me: Okay, well I’m the manager of my side.
Caller: Okay, [My Name]. I’d like to complain about [My Name]. I’m sure you know her.
(I hang up. And she finally quit calling back.)
Me: Seriously?!

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(Because I am OCD and the manager, everything in the store is in CLEARLY labeled sections and everything has price stickers. It’s not a very big store so you can see the brightly colored signs telling which section is which as soon as you walk in. We still get these at least once a day.)

Customer: Where are your (name of section that is clearly labeled)?

Customer: How much is this? (Holds up item from across the store)
Me: Everything should have a tag on it. (And by “should” I mean does.)
Customer: Oh okay.
(Few minutes later)
Same customer: How much is THIS?
Me: (trying very hard to be polite) Um…it should have a tag.
(This usually repeats until I walk over to them and very pointedly look at the tags every time they ask and hold it out for them to see said tag while I read it to them.)

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(I work in an adult store that is in the same building as a topless club. I answer our phone and theirs. You’d be surprised how many times I get this conversation.)

Caller: How much is it to get in?
Me: It’s $** if you’re over 21 and $** if you’re under 21 and that covers your first two drinks.
Caller: You can drink if you’re under 21?!
Me: *sigh* We have non-alcoholic drinks as well.