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You Gotta Think Fast When Santa’s Involved

, , , , , | Related | January 9, 2021

I love reminding my twenty-two-year-old daughter of this story. Several years ago, when my oldest children were six and four, my husband — their step-dad — dressed up as Santa and came to my parents’ house where we were visiting on Christmas Eve. He did the whole bit, dropped off presents, and headed out the door with a “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

After he left, I had the following conversation with my little girl, who was four.

Daughter: “I know that wasn’t Santa. That was [Step-Dad].”

Me: “What makes you think that?”

Daughter: “Santa isn’t that tall.”

My husband is 6’2”.

Me: “Okay, you’re right. That was [Step-Dad]. Santa asked him to help out tonight because he’s really busy and running behind.”

Daughter: *In shock and awe* “[Step-Dad] knows Santa?!”

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

, , , , | Friendly | December 25, 2020

I am about three years old and it’s Christmas. My mom, dad, and I are at church with a bunch of other people. The pastor is giving a sermon and I put my hand up. He thinks I’m waving at him, so he waves back. I put my hand down, but then I put it back up.)

Pastor: “[My Name], do you have a question?” 

Me: “Yeah, I think we should sing ‘happy birthday’ to Jesus because today’s his birthday. “

According to my dad later, the whole congregation, especially the old people, went crazy, as they thought it was the cutest thing ever.

And That Is How The Christmas Cookie Crumbles

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In my first year as a mail carrier, I was tasked with delivering the last-minute parcels on Christmas morning; Express Mail is delivered 365 days a year. At the last house, I had four huge parcels from FAO Schwartz, the famed NYC toy store. Three little blond boys were very excited to see them. 

All was well until, as I was unloading the last parcel, the youngest boy asked me, “Wait. Why are you bringing our presents? What happened to Santa?” 

I saw both parents freeze in horror at the question, so I crouched down to the little boy’s level and explained, “Santa had so many good boys and girls this year that he had a lot of presents to bring, and he knew the reindeer were going to get really tired, so he called up the Post Office and asked the mailmen to help him bring the presents, and we said sure.”

“Oh, okay!” said the little boy, and he started opening the boxes with his brothers. The mom made sure I got Christmas cookies before I went on my way. 

That was twenty-five years ago and I’m senior enough now that I don’t have to work on Christmas anymore, but I always smile when I remember that.

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Isn’t Toying Around With The Landing

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I am working as a cashier, right near toys, and it’s a week or two before Christmas. I am ringing up a mother and her five- or six-year-old-daughter. As I am ringing them up, a man walks in. He’s heavy-set with a full white beard, red nose, a red and black plaid shirt, half-rimmed glasses, and a really old and worn Santa Claus hat. The little girl watches him go by.

Girl: *To her mother* “Was that Santa?!”

Mom: “I don’t know, maybe.”

The little girl looks at me and I give a half-shrug.

Me: “Well, we do have a landing pad on the roof. Where do you think we get all of these toys?”

She gasps and gets really excited as she looks back at her mom again.

Girl: “Can we look for the reindeer?”

You could just see the magic in her eyes. It so made my day!

This story is part of our Feel Good roundup for December 2020!

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This is during the health crisis; everyone is wearing masks and staying six feet apart. The only ones that don’t have to wear masks are children under twelve. I have just left my register and am heading to break when I see this little girl who is maybe three or four years old. She motions for me to come over; I assume her mother asked her to keep an eye out for a worker. I am wearing a face shield instead of a mask due to breathing problems. It makes little kids and pets less scared when they can see my whole face.

Little Girl: “Hi!”

Me: “Well, hello there!” 

I smile at her. Before I can say anything else, she rushes forward and hugs me. I pat her on the head as I look around for her parents. Then, I hear her mother call to her. The girl says goodbye and runs over.

Mother: “I told you, you can’t go up to people! You have to stay six feet away from everyone, remember?”

Little Girl: “Yeah. But it was her, so it’s okay!”

Apparently, they’ve come through my line a few times, though I honestly don’t remember them. But it was so cute and innocent! Made my day.