Everything Is Awesome

, , | Friendly | July 5, 2016

(I used to babysit fairly often for a family with two small children, but since I went back to school I haven’t seen them for a few months. Now that it’s summer I meet up with the parents and kids at a local park to hang out and catch up. I’m chatting with the four-year-old boy.)

Me: “So, what is your favorite fruit these days?”

Boy: “Apples!”

Me: “And how about your favorite game?”

Boy: “Jumping!”

Me: “What are your favorite things to do?”

Boy: “You know… my favorite is… everything!” *big smile*

Me: *smiling and laughing* “That is such an awesome way to feel!”

(We could all learn some lessons about happiness and gratitude from this little guy.)

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What The World Needs Now…

, , , | Hopeless | July 3, 2016

(I am not feeling well but need to find something to wear for an upcoming family photo shoot. I am in a store sitting in a chair while my Mom brings clothing over for me to see. A woman walks by with a small boy in her shopping cart. He looks at me and smiles and holds out a cookie as they go past me. I smile and wave in response. Later, they come past again and this conversation occurs:)

Small Boy: *pointing at me* “Mommy, I love that lady!”

Woman: “You do? That’s nice.”

Me: “I love you, too, sweetie!”

(At a time when I was feeling bad and probably looked as bad as I felt, his sweet words lifted me up and helped me feel so much better.)

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Sea Of Electricity

, , , | Hopeless | June 27, 2016

(I’m handing out inner tubes for a popular water slide. Several young men come up; one of them has a tattoo on his side that makes it look like his skin is peeling away to reveal mechanical inner workings. Shortly after they get in line, two little girls come up. They stare at the tattooed man for a few moments, and then one taps him on the leg.)

Girl #1: “Are you sure you can go in the water?”

Tattooed Man: “Uh… I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Girl #1: “But what about that?” *points to his tattoo* “My mommy says electric stuff can’t get wet.”

Tattooed Man: *grinning* “Oh, don’t worry. I’m an underwater explorer robot. I’m built for that stuff.”

Girl #2: “So you won’t break? Even if you get water all inside you?”

Tattooed Man: “Nope!”

Girls #1 & #2: *gaping at him* “Wow…”

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Giving Them A Different Kind Of Earful

, , | Hopeless | June 18, 2016

(I’m often mocked for being a furry. In towns such as mine and the neighboring county where people don’t normally wear cat ears, I get quite a bit of ridicule. This adds to my already low self-esteem, and normally leaves me feeling rather glum.  My sister and I are walking through a bargain store; I’ve spent all day getting strange looks at the ears on top of my head, when we walk by a little boy and his mother.)

Boy: *whispering* “Mom!, I like her ears.”

Parent: *whispering* “Well, tell her that, not me.”

Boy: *looks at me with a goofy smile* “I like your ears!” *hugs me* “They make you look very beautiful!”

(I couldn’t help but smile for the rest of the day.)

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Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 2

, , , , , , | Right | June 15, 2016

(It’s a fairly dull night shift, not much activity. The shop is dead at the moment and I don’t have much to do. A young boy comes in who looks about eight or nine, and walks up to me at the till.)

Kid: “Um, excuse me. Do you have any snack-y things?”

Me: “Sure, we’ve got some stuff in the lunch fridge here and some more on the other side.”

Kid: “Thanks!”

(He wanders off for a while and comes back around with a few things. He starts inspecting the coffee machine.)

Kid: “How much is coffee?”

Me: “It’s [price].”

Kid: “Okay, what does the man outside like?”

(I suddenly realize that he’s buying food for the homeless guy who usually sits near the store.)

Me: “Oh, it’s a white regular with sugar.”

Kid: “One of them, please!”

Me: “That’s very nice of you.”

Kid: “Well, I thought that since I have so much stuff I should give to people who need it more than me.”

(He paid for the food and gave it to the guy outside. And I was smiling faintly about it for the rest of the night.)

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