Thanks For The Memory

, , | Related Right | April 21, 2016

(I am at the ending of a transaction for a difficult customer, who has her grandson with her.)

Me: “That’s [amount], please.”

Customer: *hands over cash*

Me: “That’s your change; thanks, and have a good day.”

Customer’s Grandson: “Thank you, lady.”

Customer: “Come on now.”

Customer’s Grandson: “But you didn’t say thank you. YOU DIDN’T SAY THANK YOU TO THE LADY!”

(I am so glad that kid came in; he made my day!)

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Be The Big Change You Want To See In The World

, , , , | Hopeless | April 11, 2016

(I am six years old, and my dad gives me a $20 bill so that I can go buy a smoothie. The guy made my smoothie (which is $3 or so) and I give him the $20 bill.)

Me: “Keep the change!”

(I had recently heard someone say that and I was too young to realize that telling someone to keep $17 of change wasn’t normal. I got yelled at by my dad but I still remember how happy that guy looked.)

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Making A Hug(e) Difference

, , , | Friendly | April 7, 2016

(I’m having a very rough day and likely look it while I’m standing out in front of my house waiting for someone. All of a sudden the ten-year-old I sometimes babysit comes walking up, pulling his five-year-old step-sister behind him in a wagon, followed by their three-year-old half-brother on a Big Wheel, and their poodle mix bringing up the rear.)

Ten-Year-Old: “Hug train! Toot toot!”

(He proceeds to hug me, steps forward just enough for his step-sister to hug my legs, and then his half-brother hugs me next.)

Ten-Year-Old: “[Dog], hugs!”

(The poodle mix, who has been trained to hug on command, then jumps up and hugs me, too.)

Five-Year-Old: *pointing to their driveway where their grandmother is getting out of the car* “Nana’s here!”

Ten-Year-Old: “Come on, let’s go hug her next!”

(I had a huge smile on my face while the “hug train” went off to hug their grandmother. I actually forgot about what was bothering me for a little while.)

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Ignoring The Stuffed Elephant In The Room

, , , | Working | April 7, 2016

(I have just finished shopping with my one-year-old daughter, who is sitting in a large stroller. On my way out of the store, the alarm goes off. An employee walks over to me.)

Employee: “Come with me.”

(He leads me inside.)

Employee: “Can I see your receipt?”

Me: *handing him the receipt and emptying my bags* “It’s probably a mistake. I paid for everything.”

Employee: *looking at my daughter* “Did you check your stroller?”

Me: “No, I don’t think I left anything in there.”

Employee: “Just look.”

(Thinking I may have left something in the stroller and forgot about it, I take a look. My daughter had piled up eight stuffed animals in the stroller with her and somehow I never noticed.)

Me: “Oh, my god, sorry about that. I’ll put them back.”

(I put the toys back and get ready to leave the store only to be stopped by the same employee, who is waiting by the door.)

Employee: “You can’t blame her. She’s only a baby.” *to my daughter* “Hello, I got you a gift.”

(He had bought a huge stuffed elephant for my daughter. He hands it to me.)

Me: “Oh… thank you!”

Employee: “It’s nothing. Have a great day!”

(The whole situation made my day. My daughter calls the elephant “Toka” and it is her favourite toy.)

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It’s Toughy To Work Out The Taffy

, , , | Working | April 2, 2016

(My three-year-old daughter wants candy while out shopping, so I give her a dollar and tell her to pick out just one. She takes one piece of taffy to the counter to ask how much it is.)

Daughter: “How much is just one candy, please?”

Busy Cashier: *thinks a moment* “You know what, if you can wait until you get back out in the hallway, you can have it for free. As a present.”

Daughter: “Wow! Thank you!”

(We leave and continue shopping elsewhere, and it’s not till later I realize it was probably easier for the busy cashier to write one taffy off as shrinkage rather than work it out by pound!)

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