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I work for a big well known company who has one or two main rivals. I was working checkouts when a customer comes up to me.

Customer: Can get a top-up for my phone here?

Me: You sure can, who are you with?

Customer: ‘other company’

I just stare at her for a moment.

Me: M’am I’m afraid that we don’t do top-ups for their mobile network.

Customer: WHY?!

Me: Because they are our rivals and if we did that would mean that we would be giving them money instead of ourselves getting it.

Customer: You have to do them.

I go on to show her all the different companies that we do top-ups for and the other company was of course not there.

Customer; That’s just stupid, I can’t believe that you don’t do it!

Me: I’m really sorry but it just wouldn’t make any sense if we did. Surely you can understand this?

Customer: No, I believe its stupid! I won’t be back!

Me: Okay, have a nice day.

The ironic thing….she came back a few weeks later trying to use a coupon for the other store and couldn’t understand why we didn’t take it!

Video Games Are So Much More Immersive These Days

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(I am trying to get hold of my boyfriend to rearrange a date we had that evening. His mobile is being repaired so I am phoning his house. His younger brother [five years old] seems intent on answering the phone every time I try. I’m losing patience as he doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that it ends the call when you hang up. I have phoned several times already and my boyfriend hasn’t appeared, so I’m assuming that either his brother isn’t telling him or he is out. I try a different tactic.)

Me: “Hello? Is that [Brother] again? This is [Boyfriend]’s friend again. Would you mind putting your mum on?”

Brother: “Hello, [My Name]. I think she’s busy, but I’ll try.” *hangs up*

(I phone again.)

Me: “Hello—”

Brother: “She’s busy. She’s playing in the bathroom. It sounds like she dropped her PlayStation controller.”

Me: “Controller?”

Brother: “It’s shaking!”

(I realise what’s going and politely hang up and just decide to leave the matter completely. Half an hour later, his mum calls me and agrees to pass on my message. Later on our date, I told him the story and he went so white I thought he would pass out, but by the end he laughing hysterically.)

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