Tag, You’re It!

, , , | Right | July 21, 2020

We have a max number of clients that can be in the store at any given time for health reasons, and we count them by giving them a sensor tag at the entrance. We have shifts at the door of up to three hours, so it can get quite tiring. A client walks in:

Me: “Good morning, welcome! If you would like to disinfect your hands, I’m just going to ask you to take a tag and drop it in the pot over there as you leave the store.”

Client: “What? What are these for?”

Me: “Simply to count the number of clients in the store.”

Client: “And where should I put it?!”

I had one of the most difficult choices of my life to make at this point, to either tell to put it up her a** or keep my job. I chose to keep my job, and I regret it to this day.

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