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Tae Kwon Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

, , , , , | Learning | April 20, 2016

(I help out in Tae Kwon Do classes. In this particular class, it’s one student’s turn at the kicking drills, but he’s playing around. It takes me a moment to get his attention, but finally he comes up to kick.)

Student: “Oh, sorry. I was just choking [Other Student]!”

(I should note that he wasn’t actually threatening the other student, so I kept my response mild.)

Me: “We don’t choke other people, sir.”

Student: “No, I meant I was FORCE choking him!”

Me: “We don’t force choke others, either.”

Student: “No, I mean like in Star Wars!”

Me: “I know what you meant. We still don’t do it here.”

(The boy stares at me in utter astonishment.)

Student: “Wait. You know STAR WARS?!?”

Me: “Yes, but right now we’re kicking. Like this…”

(I demonstrate the kicking drill, which emphasizes maintaining balance.)

Student: “I can’t do that! I’m going to fall!”

Me: “Use the Force to keep your balance… “

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