Tactless Tuesdays

, , , | Right | January 6, 2019

(As weekly sales begin on Wednesdays, we always have middle-aged women who come in on Tuesdays and don’t understand how to read the small print on the new signs and labels. Either that or they’re taking advantage. Needless to say, the store policy is supposed to be, “If the sign says it’s on sale, we have to give the sale price.” I’m ringing up items. The lady points at the screen.)

Lady: “That item is supposed to be on sale.”

Me: *seeing this coming a mile away* “Unless there’s a computer error, it’s not.”

Lady: “Yes, it is. Here. Let me get the sign.”

(She walks off, and I give the husband a look that almost says, “Is she always like this?” He looks as exasperated as I am, almost rolling his eyes at her. She comes back with a big sign in her hands and sets it right in front of me.)

Lady: “See? It’s on sale.”

(The large enough, the “fine print” suggested she was going to have to wait a day, so I called the manager over. Sure enough, she got what she wanted. Call me crazy or a stickler for policy, but I don’t care how busy someone is during the week. Come back next Tuesday and see if we still have it, or come back tomorrow when the sale begins. Don’t show up the sales associate who knows exactly how much of a b**** you’re being.)

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