Taco Whacko

| Related | April 3, 2012

(During dinner, my family’s conversations tend to be somewhat entertaining. The family is sitting down eating steak tacos.)

Mom: “I don’t know if I’ve ever had steak tacos before now. I didn’t know they had them. I just knew about things like beef in them.”

Me: “I think I’ve heard of steak tacos. I mean, they’re just like chicken tacos.”

Dad: “And chicken tacos are an affront to God.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Dad: “They’re an affront to God.”

Me: “I don’t get it.”

Dad: “Well, if you don’t get it, then—”

Me: “No, just the one part. What’s ‘an affront to God’?”

Dad: “Well, a front is usually a fake company set up to hide that they are laundering money.”

Mom: “Oh God. It’s something that’s offensive to God.

Me: “That’s what I thought, I just wasn’t sure.” *to dad* “Wait, why would God need a front?”

Dad: “Well, to launder his money, of course. God makes chicken tacos so that he can launder money!”

Me: “Why would God need to launder money at all?”

Dad: “Well, he likes the challenge. Just look at the platypus!”

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