Taco Hell

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I work for a Mexican-wannabe fast food chain. This chain has had the same menu for YEARS and has only once tried branching out into non-traditional items, but that was back in the late 1980s.

I greet a customer in the drive-thru over the headset.

Me: “Hi, how are you today?”

Customer: “I’m good, thank you.”

Me: “That’s good. How can I help you?”

Customer: “I need three orders of large fries and a chocolate ice cream.”

Me: “We actually won’t be carrying the fries again for a couple of months, and we don’t serve ice cream here.”

Customer: “I just got ice cream from here two days ago. You do have ice cream; I know you do.”

Me: “Sir, I’ve worked here for twenty years now, and not once have we ever carried ice cream. We have fruit-flavored frozen drinks but not ice cream.”

Customer: “You f****** idiot! I got it from here two days ago! And you have not been here for twenty years, as I worked here two years ago and no idiot like you ever worked here!”

Me: “Sir, if you swear at me again, I will ask you to leave. Are you possibly thinking of [Popular Fast Food Chain known for fries and shakes] that is next door to us?”

Customer: “I will f****** do what I want as I am the one who pays your wages! Give me what I want now or I will call the police!”

The general manager has been listening.

General Manager: “Then do that, sir. Please call the police.”

The customer leaves the drive-thru and comes inside, where he proceeds to call the police in front of us.

Customer: “These a**holes are not serving me because they are racist motherf*****s and they are saying they don’t have ice cream!”

There’s a pause.

Customer: “BECAUSE THEY ARE RACISTS! They are telling me they don’t have fries and ice cream! What [Popular Fast Food Chain known for fries and shakes] doesn’t carry fries?”

Another employee speaks up.

Employee: “Sir, this is [Mexican Wannabe Chain].”

Customer: “F***!”

He stormed out, screaming in another language.

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