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My boyfriend, his dad, and I stop at a local bar for some drinks. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been in this bar, so we’re surprised to see that they’ve added a food truck to their lot. We get seated with menus and decide to order a pizza along with our drinks.

Dad gets on the phone with his wife to see if she wants any food. She decides she wants three tacos, so Dad flags down the waitress.

Dad: “Hey, could we order three tacos to go, please?”

The waitress puts in the order. By then, our pizza is ready and we’ve ordered another round of drinks. My boyfriend’s brother calls him to check up, and he decides he wants food, too. We order another three tacos. The first set of tacos comes out, and we finish eating. My boyfriend is looking at the menu.

Boyfriend: “You know, I’m still pretty hungry… I think I’ll get some tacos to go, too.”

So far, that’s nine tacos to go. When the waitress stops by to drop off the second order, we apologize and order the third set. We determine that’s all we are getting and pay up. This time, it’s the chef that is delivering us our tacos.

Chef: “I had to come see for myself who kept ordering taco after taco! I thought you’d be a bigger party!”

Boyfriend: “No, we just kept getting on the phone with our family and the demands for tacos kept coming!”

Ah, well, it’s all to support a local business, anyway. We all had a good laugh, and everything was delicious!

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