Tabling This Inspection

| Learning | April 11, 2017

(We have an annual week of school inspection. We are in math class when one inspector is watching. I have a really blunt teacher who absolutely hates this one student who talks back at anything, always trying to prove her wrong. The teacher is unnaturally nice and has us gather our desks in groups of three [with a hole in the middle of where the desks can’t meet] and play games in the groups.)

Me: *playing a dice game with my two friends at the table*

(Suddenly, there is a loud BANG! We all look back and see the student the teacher doesn’t like sprawled on the floor with the desk overturned.)

Teacher: *in a quiet and caring voice* “What happened? Are you all right?”

Student: “Uh, yes. The dice fell through the table and I tried to climb over the desk to get it back.”

Inspector: *smiles, shakes head, and writes something down on her clipboard*

Teacher: “—you climbed over your desk.”

Student: “How else was I going to get it?”

Teacher: “Just go to the nurse.” *pats him awkwardly*

(When the inspector was gone the next day, she sure had a go at him.)

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