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This Table Is A Bit Extra-Dimensional

, , , , | Working | April 25, 2018

I work in the editorial office of a big furniture store. We write furniture descriptions for our online shop, and get in touch with other departments when we notice mistakes or inconsistencies, such as a bed having a length of 100 cm and a width of 200 cm, or a lamp having a green colour on the picture, but being described as red.

I noticed a coffee table which was marked as quadratic, but had a width of 90 cm and a length of 102 cm. I sent an inquiry to check and correct those figures, as either the measurements or the quadratic note had to be incorrect. Yesterday I got the answer back: “Corrected.” Indeed, when I pulled up the table in my browser, the measurements were corrected. The table now has a width of 90 cm, a length of 108 cm… and still is marked as quadratic.

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