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Sweetness, Take The Wheel

, , , , , | Romantic | February 14, 2023

I’m paraplegic and use a wheelchair. I’m a graduate student but still use the library as a quiet place to study, as the guy I currently share an apartment with is rather… loud.

I notice two male undergraduates looking at me from behind the book stacks. They’re whispering to each other. I hear mention that I’m disabled. I’m used to such juvenile behavior, having experienced it for most of my life, but I still expect better from f****** college students.

I pick up some of their conversation.

Student #1: “You should ask him. What are you, chicken?”

Student #2: “No! He’ll get mad!”

Student #1: “Just go ask him! I dare ya!”

Student #2: “Fine!”

[Student #2] approaches me.

Student #2: “Can I, um, ask you a question?”

Me: *Annoyed* “Is it about my wheelchair?”

Student #2: “Not really. I just noticed the rainbow flag on your backpack, and you’re kinda cute. Do you want to get a beer with me tomorrow?”

I realize that he’s just really shy.

Me: “Sure, how about at [Popular Campus Bar]?”

[Student #2] went back to his friend and got a high-five.

I met with [Student #2] at the bar. He almost chickened out, but [Student #1] forced him to go. [Student #2] and I eventually got married.

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