Sweet Tasty Punishment

| VA, USA | Learning | October 31, 2014

(On the first day of our math lecture our professor warns us to never let her hear or see our phones in her class. She does not give a consequence if something like this happens. During the second week of class, someone’s phone goes off and she quickly pinpoints the offender out of about 200 of us.)

Professor: “Okay. What’s your name?”

Classmate: “[Classmate].”

Professor: “Well, [Classmate], I warned everyone to never let me hear your phone in this class. Next class you will have to bring in cookies for everyone. And I don’t mean any of those cheap crappy cookies. If you don’t, you will receive a failing grade on your next test.”

(Sure enough we got cookies the next class. We got cookies four times that semester. No one knew if she was serious, but they didn’t want to find out.)

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