Sweet Scam Sixteen

, , , | Legal | August 7, 2019

(Normally, when I get a call from a number I don’t recognise, I ignore it, but today I answer one impulsively.)

Me: “Hello?”

Scammer: “Hello, we can see from our records that you’ve recently had a car accident.”

Me: “Oh, really? That’s hilarious.”

Scammer: “Pardon?”

Me: “That’s hilarious.”

(I’m sixteen years old, and in the UK the legal driving age is seventeen. I’m not licensed because I legally am not allowed to drive on the roads, so clearly this is a scam.)

Scammer: “I don’t—”

Me: “You do realize that this is a non-driver?”

Scammer: “We can see that you’ve had a car accident recently.”

Me: “Do you understand that you’re talking to a non-driver?”

(This goes back and forth for a few minutes.)

Scammer: “But we can see you’ve had an accident from your records!”

Me: “And what records are these? If I don’t drive and am not licensed, how can I be on record?”

Scammer: “But—”

Me: “You’re clearly phishing. I want you to take me off this list; you’ve obtained my number illegally, and I now want you to delete it.”

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