Sweet Revenge, Part 2

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I know how petty I sound in this story; I totally believe I am in the wrong, as well. However, after losing a dear sweet family member the week before, I am beyond tired of the selfish and stupid people who refuse to do the bare minimum to save lives.

I am standing in a long queue that stretches back up the aisle.

Shopper: “Excuse me. Can I just get in there?”

She points to the nearly empty display next to where I am standing.

Me: “I’m sorry, no. You will have to wait. I can’t move aside.”

Shopper: *Angry* “I just want to look at the chocolates!”

Me: “And you’re not wearing your mask properly, so I don’t want you within two meters of me.”

Shopper: “I’m exempt!”

She is wearing the mask on her chin.

Me: “I’m sure you are, but I still don’t want you near me.”

Shopper: “Whatever.”

She goes to push past me, but I think quickly and grab the last chocolate bar off the shelf and put it in my basket.

She goes wide-eyed at me and begins screaming and grabbing at my basket. I, however, am considerably stronger than I look and manage to keep her away. A manager rushes over.

Manager: “What is going on here?”

Me: “Oh, I took the last chocolate bar from the shelf, and well, you can see how she is acting.”

Shopper: “You lying little b****! You knew I wanted that, you b****!”

Me: *To the manager* “I’m sorry, but I did get the item first and do not want to give it up.’

One of the people in the queue backs me up and the manager seems to think for a long while before speaking to the woman.

Manager: “I’m sorry, miss, but you will have to continue your shopping elsewhere. The discounted items do go quickly and it’s first come, first served.”

Shopper: “You are in it together!”

Manager: “Miss, please lower your voice or I will have to ask you to leave.”

She had an actual tantrum in the middle of the aisle, threw her basket to the floor, and barged into the manager. She knocked a display to the floor on her way out. The manager shook his head and walked away.

I did buy the chocolate bar, and it tasted amazing.

Sweet Revenge

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