Sweet Mother Mary!

, , | Related | June 15, 2017

(This takes place when my mother is planning on visiting my fiancé and me. We live in a different state from her and whenever she visits, she insists on driving up 12 hours to where I live with my brother and sister, because she is afraid of flying. Whenever she is driving up, she usually calls me to let me know where they are, if they stop to stay at a hotel, and when they’ll be here. One Christmas season she is driving up to stay with us for the holidays and I am expecting her to arrive at any moment when she calls me on my cell phone.)

Me: “Hello?”

Mom: “Hey, [My Name], it’s me, uh, Mary… uh, your mother… I mean, it’s your mom, Mary, your mother.”

(I start laughing and in the background, I hear my fifteen-year-old brother say “Wow, mom” and she doesn’t know what we are laughing about. So I explain what she just said and she starts laughing, too.)

Mom: “Oh, wow, I must be tired! Anyways, we’re in [City four hours away from my home] so we’ll be there soon.”

(She did end up getting a hotel afterwards to sleep and she made it safely to my house, but to this day we still never let her live that down.)

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