Sweet Little Gesture

, | Hopeless | April 20, 2016

(I’ve been working in IT for over six years and it can be a really stressful job. I am having a particularly bad day and am a bit vocal about it. I share an office with another person; he is out that day but the door is still open. About an hour later a woman comes by my office.)

Woman: “Excuse me, were you the one having a bad day today?”

Me: *sheepish* “Yes… sorry.”

Woman: “No, that’s okay. I just wanted to make your day a bit better.”

(She places a few candies on my desk but the simple gesture is enough to nearly push me to tears.)

Me: “Thank you so much… You don’t know how much that means.”

Woman: “You’re welcome. I hope your day gets better!”

(It did.)

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