Sweet Gesture

, , | Right | April 7, 2017

(I started volunteering at a charity shop a few months ago, partly to get work experience, partly to help out the community, and partly to help push myself in getting out of the house more and working past some anxieties. On only my second day, I’m scammed at the till. It was the method of handing money back and forth and trying to add little, cheap things to his purchase that utterly threw me, and I had not been told what to do. He only got away with £10 but it could have easily been more. My supervisor was totally fine with it, talked me through what to do the next time, and I wasn’t in any trouble. However, internally I was beating myself up, thinking some not very nice thoughts about myself, feeling ashamed and violated that someone did that to me. Naturally I’m a trusting individual who, possibly naively, believes the best about people. Another man comes in, an elderly gentleman who at first seems fine. As he approaches the counter, he starts looking about shiftily, glancing around at other customers and looking to see where my supervisor is.)

Me: *thinking* “Oh, great, another one.”

(The customer approaches the counter with a few pounds worth of goods. As he’s paying, he dips his hand into his pocket and pulls out… some boiled sweets. He looks about again then pushes the sweets across to me.)

Customer: “You’re new, aren’t you? Here you go, love! Don’t let them see!”

Me: “Oh! Thank you very much.” *bemused, I accept the sweets and pocket them*

Customer: *winks, taps his nose, and scurries out of the shop as if he’s going to be in trouble*

(I later asked my supervisor about him; this gentleman is a regular and always sneaks sweets in as though he’s not allowed to do so. Every time I’ve been working since then, if he’s come in he has shuffled over to give me some sweets and asked how I was getting on with work, if I was enjoying it, and that he hoped I was having a good day. If he doesn’t have sweets that day, he’s so apologetic and I have to keep telling him it’s fine and that I appreciate his conversation just as much! I’ve since stopped caring about the scamming instance, thanks to this kind soul and the other regulars who all make an effort to stop and chat to me.)

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