Sweet Cake, Sour Behavior

, , , | Right | August 26, 2018

(I work in a small bakery with usually one other coworker. The most we do for cake customization is writing on the cake. A lady comes in right when rush hour is starting up.)

Customer: “Can I reserve a cake, but with a chocolate macaroon on it, instead?”

(We don’t normally do this, and many customers are coming in. My coworker says she will call our manager — who is not present —  while I handle the other customers. Not even two minutes after, the lady comes up to me while I’m helping another customer and starts going off.)

Customer: “You people are always slow; this happens every time I come here! Even though I come in first, you never want to help me first. This is ridiculous!”

(My coworker comes out while the lady is yelling and says we can give her the chocolate macaroon.)

Customer: “Finally! It’s about time I got some service.”

(I take her name and number for the reservation and she leaves, looking smug. We handle the rush hour. My coworker then informs me about the lady:)

Coworker: “She came in here before while I was working, noticed the rush hour, and said, ‘Go ahead and help them first; I’ll wait,’ and then screamed at me after for not helping her first!”

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