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Swearing They Paid Their Bill

, , , | Right | CREDIT: V1v1dV0id | March 11, 2021

I work for an internet service provider. If you cancel your account you will receive a final bill for the last bit of service you’ve had with us.

For our business account, we have two levels of security: the username and password or payment details.

Customer: “Hi I was told my account would be closed but I’ve received a bill from you. I need this looking into right now.”

Me: “Okay, this will most likely be the final bill for your service. Could you give me your account username, please?”

Customer: “It’s [username].”

Me: “Right, okay, and can I take the 9th and 10th digits of the password?”

Customer: “I don’t know that.”

Me: “The only other security we have is payment details but as you’ve removed these from your account I won’t be able to check those. Is there anything I could try for the password at all?”

Customer: Shouting. “Well, I don’t know it! I’m just calling to pay my f****** bill!”

Me: “Well if you are just looking to make a payment I can transfer you through to someone, but I cannot discuss the bill with you.”

Customer: Still shouting. “Well, I want you to tell me about the bill for God’s sake!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but as I said I can’t do that without security.”

Customer: “Well then pass me through to make the f****** payment then! This is f****** unbelievable!”

So then I hung up. Not sending you through to a colleague for you to speak to them like dirt. You can call back when you’ve calmed down. I don’t get how people think it’s acceptable to call someone and then behave like that.

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