Swap ‘Til You Drop

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(Our manager gives lists of work to be done. I have just one more job to finish on my list and am about to start it when my coworker comes up with her list.)

Coworker: “Oh, I have to sort stock in the office; I hate doing that.”

Me: “I actually like doing that.”

Coworker: “Do you want to swap jobs? What do you have left to do now?”

Me: “I have to move this stock from here to this end.” *literally less than a metre apart, I show her the locations* “The stock just basically needs swapping around. This end now goes to that panel and the panel goes to this end” *points* “If you want to do this, I don’t mind doing what you’re supposed to do.”

Coworker: “Great, that will be fantastic. I can do that; it looks really easy.”

(I go off and do her job. It only takes about thirty minutes. It’s now almost closing  time. I come out of the office, and notice that both the panel and the end are completely empty. I find my coworker wandering aimlessly around.)

Me: “Uh, where is the stock that was here?”

Coworker: “It’s in a trolley down at the front of the store, all ready for you to work on.”

Me: “But I thought we swapped jobs.”

Coworker: “We did; you told me these things needed moving, so I moved them.” *gives me a smug look*

Me: “Where are the hooks?”

Coworker: “I put them in the dock.”

(What should have been a simple twenty-minute job became a two-hour job, because I had to sort, rehang, display, and re-price everything. This meant I had to stay back, unpaid, to do it. That was the last time I ever offered or took her up on an offer to swap jobs.)

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