Suspicious Behavior Is Often Suspect

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(I work at a fast food joint that’s connected to a gas station. We open at six in the morning, but the gas station is open 24 hours. At night, there’s only one person in the gas station. Just as my coworkers and I are opening for the day, a few seconds after we unlock the doors and turn the lights on in the lobby, this guy comes in.)

Guy: “I want to speak to your manager.”

(I tell my manager that someone is here and wants to talk to her. She comes over and signs me into the register, but he just stares and doesn’t say anything until she goes in to the back.)

Guy: “Did you just clock in?”

Me: “No, I was just getting logged into the register. What can I get for you today?”

(He looks around nervously and scans the parking lot behind him from the counter. He then mumbles something and leaves. I go and tell my other coworkers about this guy. A little bit later, one of my coworkers is in the back stock room where the back drive-thru window is. She spots him at the window looking inside, studying the stockroom. They stare at each other for a few seconds, but then she freaks out and runs away. We then go tell the people working at the gas station, and they say that he has been here since two am and spent three hours in the bathroom. They say they should have called the cops but didn’t because they thought he was just a dumba**. After the shift change in the gas station, one of the managers over there calls the cops because the guy’s car is still there but no one knows where he is. The cops come, and we tell them what happened, and then I spot him out in the parking lot trying to get in his car. He then goes to the gas station and asks:)

Guy: “So, I guess the cops have my car keys, huh?”

Gas Station Employee: “No, but the cops are on their way.”

(He is standing right by their office, and then he disappears. We’re told to keep an eye out for him if he comes back. It turns out he has gone into the gas station’s office and stockroom and is trying to hide in there! One of the employees spots him in there after a while and goes and tells the cops, who are standing around outside. The guys runs out of the office and into our lobby and he asks us:)

Guy: “Uh, you guys got anyone off that can give me a ride somewhere? I need to get out of here.”

(The cops cornered him. We later found out that the guy was wanted in two different states and was arrested!)

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