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Sushi And Ice Cream And Money, Oh My

, , , , | Romantic | July 26, 2019

I was texting with a guy I met on a dating app for a little over a week before we agreed to meet for an official date. Things had been really clicking, we got along really well, texting and Snapchatting all day, being super flirty, and getting to know each other. Things were going great. 

We started brainstorming restaurants to try on our date and he asked what my favorite foods and restaurants were. I joked about the most expensive sushi restaurant in town, as it is my favorite, but I would never choose that for a date because it is expensive and I’d feel guilty. But he kept insisting that it would be a great first date place, and that if things worked out, it would be an amazing story to tell people how we went all out for our first date.

So, fast forward to our meeting a few days later at the sushi restaurant. Things were going really well. He was quite awkward, but he warned me ahead of time that he can be that way when meeting new people, so I didn’t mind it. The conversation was great and we both were smiling and having a good time. 

Dinner was amazing, at it always is at this restaurant, and our waiter brought over the bill. 

It is at this point that things started to go awry. 

My date decides at that moment, without even looking at the bill, to inform me that he had lost his debit card a few days prior, and was still waiting on the new one to arrive, so he only had cash. 

I was surprised and a bit confused, as he had not mentioned this to me at all leading up to this moment. 

He then asked if I’d mind putting the bill on my card, and he could just pay me back partially with the cash he had, as he wasn’t able to get any additional cash without his card. 

Thinking the date had gone really well, I told him I’d cover the bill tonight if he paid for the ice cream I was craving right up the road, and then pay for our next date. He agreed. 

We never got ice cream. 

He convinced me to go back to his car to “make out” a little bit while our stomachs settled, but instead tried to convince me to do a whole h*** of a lot more that I didn’t feel comfortable doing on a first date, let alone in someone’s car right next to a busy parking garage. 

I went back to my car and drove myself home, realizing I’d been duped into paying for the entire meal with no hope of being paid back. 

I found out later that he decided I was “too fat” upon meeting me in person, didn’t want to be out the $70 for the meal, and figured he’d take a shot at getting some action before never contacting me again. 

What a real catch.

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