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Survey Corps Versus Lunch Nazis

| Learning | January 18, 2014

(At lunch we have two ‘lunch nazi staff” that patrol around criticizing every detail on the students’ clothing, even if it is not against dress code. I am wearing a white, lacy dress, which is mostly a summer dress, completely within dress code. It is near the end of November, so it is somewhat cold, but I am naturally hot, so it does not bother me.)

Staff: “Do you have a jacket or something that you can use to cover yourself? Your bra strap is showing, and it is highly inappropriate. Plus it is a summer dress, which you should not be wearing during this time of year.”

Me: “I do not think so.”

Staff: “Close your laptop and follow me.”

(I close my laptop, losing the progress on my chemistry homework, and I am about to follow when I suddenly remember a jacket I got from a recent anime convention. I open my bag I was wearing, and pull out a large, green cloak identical to that of an anime character.)

Staff: “Your have a jacket? Well good for you, otherwise I would have had to take you to the office to have a parent bring you a jacket or remain in ‘in-house’ for the rest of the day.”

(The lunch nazi staff walks away. My friend and I start laughing hysterically. Thanks to the anime convention, to this day I have never gotten a single detention, much less ‘in-house!’)

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