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Surprise Is My Weapon Of Choice

| Learning | January 13, 2015

(We are in AP History Class, learning about World War 2, and have finished talking about the battles that took place. Class ends in about 10 minutes.)

Teacher: “All right, class, remember your essay is due on Friday and tomorrow we will kill Hitler.”

(The class laughs and one student speaks up.)

Student #1: “I’ll bring the AK47!”

Me: *I take off my headphones after hearing someone yell that out* “Wasn’t invented until ’47.”

Student #1: “Then I’ll bring AR-15.”

Me: “Invented ’59.”

(After different students naming various types of rifles, shotguns and other weapons they give up and I’m laughing. Finally someone speaks up again.)

Student #2: “Oh, for the love of god, just bring a knife. We’ll kill him with that!”

Me: “No need. You know that he committed suicide, right?”

(A few people laugh and everyone looks confused as they didn’t know. I sigh and pick up my phone getting ready to leave. Suddenly the teacher calls my name.)

Teacher: “[My Name], how do you know so much about weapons?”

(Keeping a serious expression I just shrugged as the bell rang and I walked out of class. This was coming from a girl who’s in AP, has dyed hair, and always wears headphones as well as studded jewellery. Nobody knows that I go to the range almost every weekend!)

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