Surprise Is Co-Dependent On Co-Worker

| Romantic | June 5, 2012

(My boyfriend and me are dining out to celebrate our 9th anniversary. He has promised me a surprise. My boyfriend has never been a big fan of marriage, and so we had a civil contract (a French contract of assistance between two persons, without any ceremony) two month before. Earlier in the day, a co-worker told me my surprise could be a proposal, and I just burst out laughing. My boyfriend and I arrive in front of the restaurant.)

Me: “Eh, honey, you know what? One of my co-worker said my surprise could be a proposal? How ridiculous!”

Boyfriend: “Erm…yeah, that’s fun.”

Me: “No, seriously. I laughed all afternoon. My co-worker clearly doesn’t know you.”

Boyfriend: “Well, before we get in, would you please step aside and close your eyes ? It’s surprise time.”

(When I open my eyes, he is on his knees. Needlessly to say, I say yes. He then puts the ring on my finger.)

Boyfriend: *in a glamorous tone* “I love you. Please tell you’re co-worker he’s an a**.”

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