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Surly Supervisors Surely Suffer

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My supervisor is a woman and does not get along with other women. We work in a male-dominated field, so usually, this isn’t a problem. However, because I am female, she seems to have an issue with my very existence. She frequently raises her voice over minor things that I bring to her attention and absolutely ignores major issues until she has a solution. I come to work one day and put my coat on the hook in the communal space outside of her office.

Me: “Good morning, [Supervisor].”

She mumbles something that might be a greeting, never looking away from her computer.

Me: “What’s on the agenda today?”

Supervisor: “I’ll tell you if I need you to do something.” *Waves me off*

Me: “Okay.” *Turns to leave*

Supervisor: “[My Name].”

Me: “Yes?”

Supervisor: “Don’t leave your personal stuff here.”

I see her coat and purse on the rack beside mine.

Me: “Oh, are we not allowed to—”

Supervisor: “Leave it in the car or at home.”

Me: “It’s below freezing outside. Why—”

Supervisor: *Suddenly angry* “[My Name]! What did I just say?”

Me: *Even-toned* “I’m just asking why I can’t—”

Supervisor: “Because I f****** said so. Get your s*** and get out. I will not deal with your attitude today.”

Me: “Okay.”

I went home. She emailed me (and the store manager) an hour later, asking why I had abandoned my job and if I even really wanted to work there. I recounted our conversation — including her outburst and swearing at me — and said that I would not be back unless she changed the way she talked to me. The store manager emailed me separately, asking me to come in and talk to human resources about her behavior when the supervisor wasn’t around. Two days later, I got my supervisor’s job.

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