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Sure, Blame Anything But Your Software

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: jaxmagicman | August 16, 2022

I had this software that was needed for our job that would constantly have little problems here and there. We would get unexpected exception errors and things would close. Most of the time, I could fix the error because I’d been doing it for years. Every once in a while, though, there would be an error I couldn’t fix and I’d need to call software support.

We had this one terrible error that was happening to everyone, and I could recreate it at will. I told the software company, and they didn’t believe me, so I sent them the log file.

We started getting the error doing different things, so I kept opening tickets every time another variant of the issue happened.

They would always ask for a log file, so instead of logging on to the computer that originally reported the issue, I would recreate the issue on my computer and send the log file.

Finally, after about the fifteenth ticket I opened with the variant of this bug, I was told they had a solution.

Software Company: “The problem is on the computer. All the issues we’re seeing are coming from the same computer.”

They then closed the ticket as fixed.

I had to tell them that of course it came from the same computer because I was recreating the problem and sending the logs. So, I opened each ticket again with a log from a different computer, just to make them happy.

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