Supremely Stupid Behavior

, , , , | Right | November 1, 2018

(I work at a popular Mexican restaurant. I’m working the drive-thru. We sell regular tacos and taco supremes. The only difference between the two is the supremes have tomato and sour cream. That’s what makes them supreme.)

Customer: “I’d like two crunchy taco supremes, no tomato or sour cream.”

Me: “All right, so just two regular crunchy tacos, then?”

Customer: “No, I want the supremes; I want the bigger ones.”

(I try to explain that the taco sizes don’t change, just the ingredients.)

Customer: *slower and louder* “I want two crunchy taco supremes, with no sour cream or tomato.”

(I just gave up and rang up two supremes without the supreme, basically. He then ordered two soft taco supremes the same way. The guy paid extra for no reason, but it gave my coworkers a good laugh.)

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