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Supportive Bras And Boyfriends

| Romantic | March 9, 2012

(I am quite low on funds as a student, while my boyfriend has a well-paying job. I have been frustrated about my financial situation for a while now, and my boyfriend tries to cheer me up.)

Boyfriend: “Why don’t you come early to my place on Friday, then I’ll take you lingerie shopping.”

Me: “Really?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah! We’ll get you some really sexy stuff!”

Me: “That’d be nice, actually. All the underwear I have is starting to look worn. And I need to get a fitting again.”

Boyfriend: *gives me a suggestive look* “I know. But we can only go if I can look while you try it on.”

Me: *laughs* “Okay, that’s a deal. You can watch while I try it on.”

Boyfriend: *very excited* “Hooray! It’s going to be like boobie shopping!”

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