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, , , | Right | CREDIT: hmitch94 | May 23, 2021

I’m playing a free gig put on by the local council. It’s at an outdoor amphitheater, so everyone can just come and enjoy a free two sets of live music. In the second set, after a few songs, the singer says that if people like the music, then he has CDs.

One song later, after we finish playing the tune, a woman comes up to the stage in front of the entire audience, stopping the concert.

Woman: “Where is my free CD? I’m going now.”

The singer is baffled.

Singer: “Why did you think it was free?”

Woman: “Well, how much is it, then?”

Singer: “I usually sell them for $10.”

Woman: “I don’t have ten dollars on me and I’m going now, so are you going to give me a free CD?”

Singer: “I’ll think about it.”

Woman: “You only have ten seconds because I’m leaving.”

Singer: “Okay. Bye.”

The singer then announced on the microphone that this woman had stopped the concert because she wanted a free CD, and everyone in the audience basically laughed her out of the room.

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