Supper Is In The Soup Now

| Related | April 9, 2017

(We have a policy with our kids that they eat what they are given or it just becomes their next meal. My wife isn’t the best cook in the world, but it is always edible (except the cookies, but that’s another story). She has just signed us up for some kind of food co-op and has ordered some things including a soup mix which she fixes for dinner. Fortunately for all concerned, when we sit down to dinner, I am the first person to taste it. The conversation goes like this:)

Me: “Oh, my lord, this is awful.”

Wife: “What is? The soup?”

Me: “Yes. It’s nasty.”

Wife: “It’s healthy.”

Me: “It’s awful. Kids, you do NOT have to eat this. I won’t make you.” *to my wife* “You try it.”

Wife: *takes one bite and I can see her trying to keep from making a face* “I tastes fine.”

Me: “Do go on.”

Wife: *takes another taste and screws up her face* “Okay, you’re right, it’s awful.”

Me: “Kids, get your shoes on. Let’s go get some pizza.”

Kids: “Yay!”

(Incidentally, the food policy was good. Our kids learned to like everything and know quality food from junk… despite the occasional stumble like that soup.)

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