Super-Sized Entitlement

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(I’m working for a movie theater over the Christmas break, one of the biggest weeks of the year. My manager has asked that I go out to buy dinner for the four or five of us who agreed to pull double shifts to help ease the workload. I’ve driven over to our usual fast food joint for this, with a coat over my uniform.)

Worker: *to me as I enter* “Hi! Welcome to [Restaurant]. We’re experiencing a bit more of a rush than expected—“ *gestures to the line* “—but we’re getting most people served about ten minutes after they arrive.”

Me: “That’s fine. We’d guessed and took it into account.”

Worker: “Thanks!” *goes on to explain it to the guy behind me*

Customer: “What? No! That’s inexcusable!”

Worker: “I’m very sorry, and we completely understand if you want to go somewhere else.”

Customer: “No, I want [product]; I’ll get [product]. You should know better.”

(I spare a quick look of sympathy to my fellow worker before she moves on to the next people coming in.)

Manager: “Excuse me, folks. I’m very sorry, but it’s looking like it might be a little longer.”

Customer: “Outrageous! How much longer?”

Manager: “Only another five minutes or so. In the meantime, please take [semi-expensive drink] as an apology.” *starts handing out drinks*

Customer: “Not enough!” *grumbles before shooting me a look* “You. You work at [Theater], don’t you?”

Me: “I do.”

Customer: “Let me go ahead of you.”

Me: “What? No.”

Customer: “Yes. You’re representing your company here. Let me go in front of you; I’m in a hurry.”

Me: “I’m here on my own time, getting food for my coworkers. I’m not going to make them push back their dinner.”

Customer: “You’re in uniform!”

(He points at my pockets; while my coat covers most of the uniform, the pockets are dyed a bright color in line with the chain’s color scheme.)

Me: “I’m in another business entirely; I’m hiding my uniform. I’m here as another customer, not as an employee.”

Customer: “I’ll tell your manager. You’ll be fired!”

Me: “And it still won’t get you your food any faster.”

Customer: “That’s it!” *to the manager* “Make him go back to the end of the line so your real customers can go faster!”

Manager: “Sir, we have an ongoing relationship with [Movie Theater]. They’re regular customers.”

Customer: *shaking a finger at me* “Fine! But I’m going to tell your manager how rude you were to me. You’re fired!” *storms out*

Next Customer: “Look. If you need a witness, here’s my card. That guy was out of line.”

Me: “I’m fine.”

Next Customer: “You sure?”

Me: “I’m wearing a coat over my name badge, and we’ve got three theaters in the area with [Fast Food Joint] as the closest.”

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