Super Power Shower

| Romantic | September 16, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are in the shower. I spray his chest with the shower head.)

Boyfriend: “Wait, go back! My chest hair looked like a spider!”

Me: *sprays his chest again*

Boyfriend: “Aw man, it’s gone.”

Me: “Hey, it looks kind of like a cat now, see?” *sprays again*

Boyfriend: “Now it looks like a tree.”

Me: “It’s kind of like a toucan.”

Boyfriend: “It’s a helmet! Okay, we should probably wrap up.”

Me: “Hold on! Hey, it’s a tree again!”

Boyfriend: “Let me try something.”

(He takes shower head and sprays an ‘S’ on himself. He does the Superman pose.)

Me: “I love you, but we’re running out of hot water.”

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