Super Hot But Not Panting

, , | Right | October 25, 2020

I am seventeen and was just hired at a cafe a few months ago. I am just getting used to chatting with customers while making them lattes and am making conversation with a regular. She is around forty years old and is wearing a nice summer dress. 

Me: “Jeez, it sure is hot out, eh? The humidity is killing me!”

Customer: “Oh, God, I know. I’m really glad I wore this dress instead of my jeans today.”

Me: “Yeah… jeans would be soaked by now.”

Customer: “Yeah, but also it’s so much more freeing to be wearing a dress with no panties on. Nice breeze outside.”

I laugh, hoping she’s joking.

Me: “Well, here’s your iced latte. Have a good day [Customer].”

As the customer walked out the door, a breeze, indeed, caught her dress and lifted it up in the back, mooning the entire café with her pasty white butt.

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