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Super Biker Dad Saves The Day

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I had a hard time finding a job in my educated field so, like many, I started working at a call center for the biggest box office in my country. People called us to book tickets for many things: TV recordings, musicals (tours and location-based), dance events, and other events. I have many stories, but this is one that actually scared me.

Our box office sales are final. You can get insurance for the tickets, but that only works for things like sickness and death.

This guy had booked a family outing. I have no clue anymore about the details, but I do know that he had booked the wrong tickets and wanted to exchange them. I tried my best, but there was no way we could exchange them according to policy.

The guy started threatening me, calling again and again and asking for me. He threatened me with waiting for me after work, since our address was public. My supervisor called him back and blocked his number. This only got worse.

The guy found me on social media. He kept telling me information he had found out, like where I went to school and information about my friends and events I planned to go to. I wasn’t allowed to press charges from my work. I was just twenty-one, female, and petite, and he was a grown man, so I was scared.

He even got my phone number from my uncle by telling him he was an employer that had lost my number. (My uncle knew I was applying for other jobs.) I just blocked his number, but I was still properly scared. It was at this time that I informed my parents and my dad told me to tell him when the man called again.

The next time the guy called, I handed the phone to my dad.

Guy: “Hi, I’m looking for [My Name]?”

Dad: “Is this the guy that’s been threatening my daughter?”

Guy: *Silence*

Dad: “Look. You have my daughter on social media. Could you look me up? She has me listed as her dad.”

My dad was, at the time, a member of a global motorcycle club. You know, the one with wings. He was proud of it and had lots of pictures on his social media to show this.

Dad: “You don’t have our address yet, right? Next time you contact my daughter, she will give me your address and I’ll stop by with my ‘brothers’.”

Guy: “You don’t have my address!”

Dad: “[My Name], you have his address, right?”

Me: “Yeah, I can look it up in my system at work.”

Dad: “Right. So… Oh, he hung up.”

And I never got called by the dude again.

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