Summer Lovin’ Should Have Been Spent In Summer School

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(I’m in a hotel room with my sister and mother, singing and bantering with my young sister as we’re getting ready. We’re currently attempting the song “Summer Lovin’” from “Grease.” One of my favorite TV shows, “Galavant,” wrote a knock-off of that song, and I — unapologetically — can only remember the parody lyrics.)

Sister: “Sing the original one!”

Me: *badly attempting* “Summer lovin’… da da da da daaa…”

Sister: “Ha! I know more than you do!”

Me: “Oh, really?”

Sister: “I know half of the words, and you only know five quarters of it!”

(My mom and I burst out in laughter.)

Mom: “Math is hard, isn’t it, [Sister]?”

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