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Sugarcoating The Truth, Part 2

, , , | Right | October 20, 2020

I work at a small local coffee shop. Our drinks are often described as being better quality than a much more popular coffee chain.

Customer: “I’d like a large black-and-white latte with almond milk, and half the pumps of flavor. I don’t need it too sweet. Is your almond milk sweetened?”

Me: “No, it’s not.”

I pull out the carton to show her.

Customer: “All right, that’s what I want. [Popular Coffee Chain] said theirs was unsweetened, but I think they’re lying.”

I go to make her drink, putting a total of one and a half pumps of flavor in instead of our usual three. When I finish, I hand it to her.

Customer: “This isn’t nearly sweet enough. Can you make it sweeter?”

Me: “I can add more of the chocolate and white chocolate sauce?”

Customer: “Yes, do that!”

I pump in another one and a half pumps of sauce, totaling three, which is our original recipe, and hand it back.

Customer: “Yes! That’s perfect! I’ll make sure to order this again.”

I hope she remembers to order her drink with the regular amount of pumps.

Sugarcoating The Truth

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